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keeper of fire

The sequel to BLADE OF LIGHTNING is now available on Amazon!

“I am a Blade. I was born in the deep desert of the Honshara, and raised by sunlight and moonlight. My feet walk the sands.”

Keira ken Tatake, Blade of Lightning, once left her home in the Honshara desert. Her family lost, her honor tainted, she had not even a name to call her own.

“I am the desert fox, fleet of foot and sharp of mind.”

Now her honor and her name are returned to her, and though her lost friends can never be replaced, a new family has claimed its place in her heart and soul.

“I am the stooping hawk, with eyes that see, and talons that kill.”

But the Fire has claimed its place as well, and the flames that once chased her out of the Honshara desert now force her back. For the Fire of Akashi and the Blade of Lightning are one, and the desert that gave life to the young Blade may well be the death of the Keeper of Fire.

“I walk the sands, and this night I ask to walk with thee.”

As Kei and Secchi escort Cato Dunai to his trial of the Way, more than one firestorm is ignited. Zhyiana ken Prien, one-time Blade of Death, fights demons that can’t be seen; a man once honorable fights the face of dishonor he sees in his own reflection; and Kei, Secchi and Galari are all that stand between Dunai and the whole of Akashi, with no hope of survival.


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I have been working diligently on Keeper of Fire, which will be Book Two of The Keepers of the Way. (You should totally read the first one, Blade of Lightning…jus’ saying…) Working hard. And it was getting more and more difficult to write, though I was so close to the end, and had everything plotted out.

So I sat back and looked at it, wondering why it was suddenly no longer something that I looked forward to doing. Only to see that it had exploded. It was no longer the story I wanted, but had blown up all out of proportion to what it should have been. It was huge, sprawling, and out of control. Which works for some books (Game of Thrones, anyone?) but definitely did not work for this.

I spent two days rewriting the plot, making a list of Scenes I Don’t Want To Lose, and Stuff I Should Never Have Put In, and How Can I Change That And Make It Work. So now I have what I hope is the right direction, which includes much re-writing, but the base is still solid. So I’m still thinking a release by the end of the year is possible.

Which is good, because it gives you time to read the first one! In case there aren’t enough links for it on this site anywhere, here’s another:

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