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Arrrr, matey! Read a pirate story today!   Leave a comment

Today is that holiday you look forward to all year!

Talk Like A Pirate Day! Why not celebrate with a story about a couple of guys who took Talk Like A Pirate Day just a little too far….


The Pirates of Bear Lake


Why does your nose start to itch as soon as you apply a facial mask?   Leave a comment

This is the view that I had in my mind when I wrote “The Pirates of Bear Lake.”


Man, Interrupted   Leave a comment


by Fran LaPlaca

He had no one to blame but himself. If there were two defining qualities to him, they would be a tendency to the melodramatic, and the ability to control his own body.

For example – his toe. Once, years back, running around barefoot, he’d banged it on a rock. Just a small bang, but remember the melodramatic part. According to him, the toe hurt for days, and he proved it by limping everywhere. “Damn this toe,” he muttered on the third day. And he did. Damn it, I mean. The toe turned black, withered and fell off, right in front of us.

So it was his own fault. He knew what he could do. The ability to control his own body, as I said, and a tendency to melodrama.

And, of course, a girl. A girl who was, we all agreed later, heartbreakingly beautiful, as tactless as that may sound.

One look was all it took. He put a hand to his chest, sighed deeply one last time, and said reverently what we all were thinking.

“Be still, my beating heart.”

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LAST THOUGHTS   Leave a comment


by Fran LaPlaca

Death rushes toward me
as it has for days now.
When I die I shall miss
blue skies;
the roar of combat;
the hot taste of blood.
But mostly
the sweet scent of summer flowers in bloom.
Millennia hence,
when dinosaur-kind rises again,
as it will,
and they find my bones buried beneath the earth,
will they know
I had a sensitive soul?

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