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“It will hit you on the Tokyo Express.”

That line was running through my brain when my alarm went off this morning. I have no idea what it meant; my dream, so far as I can remember it, was of my son holding a god-awful lamp and laughing. No Tokyo in sight.

But picture this: A girl wakes with those words running though her head, as I did. She can’t forget them, as apparently I can’t. She determines that she MUST find out their meaning. So being young and rash, as I am not, she decides to go to Japan and search for the words. An adventure ensues, and she, of course, in the process discovers herself, finds new meaning to her depressing, gray life. Perhaps she finds love, perhaps she just finds fun.

(Is love more important to life than fun? I wonder…)

Does she find The Tokyo Express? I googled the phrase. There are quite a number of sushi restaurants, from Sacramento to Maine, with that name. It’s also a code phrase used in World War II to describe “the use of Imperial Japanese Navy ships at night to deliver personnel, supplies, and equipment to Japanese forces.” (quote from Wikipedia)

I don’t picture that as her answer. I was thinking it might be a train. You know, like the Bullet Train, only not quite as fast. And what hits her? The answer to a tremendous question? An epiphany of some sort? Or does someone simply throw something at her head? A gaijin female in a Japanese train, who speaks not a word of Japanese outside of what she learned from watching Naruto? (And there are very few situations in life that call for one to weave hand signs while shouting, “Kage bunshin no jutsu!”)

(Although that would be very cool…)

Ah, well. Maybe I’ll write it someday, and when I get to the end I’ll know.

The Tokyo Express:

What it was:

What it is:

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