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#I Understood That Reference   Leave a comment

So there I am, on Sporcle.

Think maybe I’ll do a Harry Potter quiz, so I choose Literature.

Can’t find one I haven’t done lately, so I choose Lord of the Rings instead.

Choose the quiz, Can you name the top 50 characters in the Lord of the Rings series by number of mentions?

I’m going along, got about 30 out of 50 before I have to start thinking. Suddenly a name comes into my head. I type it in instantly. It’s wrong. I frown. I was sure it was a character. I can hear the words in my head. Suddenly I realize what the words are saying…

“Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. Shaka, when the walls fell. Temba, his arms wide!”

“Picard and Dathon… at El-Adrel.”

I’m not even embarrassed….



I can’t believe I dreamed a meme   2 comments

So I was having this dream last night.

There was a bunch of stuff before that I vaguely think was about people at work, and someone saying quite urgently, “No, no, come look at this,” when I was in the bathroom stall.

But then I started dreaming about Harry Potter. In my dream he had three friends. No idea who there were, but they weren’t Ron and Hermione and Neville. And in my dream someone had cast a spell on Harry that turned him into a bearded dragon, but only for short periods of time. When the spell wore off he’d turn back into himself.

The dream ended abruptly just as someone, trying to be mean, tossed the bearded dragon down into a hole in the floor, and bearded dragon Harry was trapped under the floor with the spell about to wear off.

So I wake up, and for 3 or 4 seconds try to decide how the dream would have ended, whether someone would find him and get him out in the that last split second before he turned human, or whether he would turn into Harry while still underneath the floor and BURST through the floorboards when it suddenly hit me:


And I started giggling so hard I startled the sleeping cat and I nearly rolled off the bed onto the floor.

yer a lizard harry