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It is hot out. Just saying.

Got back from Albacon. Had a good time. This was the first con I’ve been to since World Fantasy 2007. Albacon was a good one to ease back into, small and very, very friendly.

And it had Mario, the Sailor Scouts, Wizard Howl, the Tenth AND the Eleventh Doctor, Eren Yeager, Elsa, and my favorite, Vash the Stampede.

Not only my favorite, by the way. Vash won the costume contest. LOVE AND PEACE!

Vash is a member of Upstate New York Cosplay Society. You can find out more about Albacon here.

Other guests included B.A. Chepaitis, (rhymes with arthritis…), Debi Chowdhury, Anatoly Belilovsky, Carl Frederick, K.A. Laity, J.A. Fludd, Alex Shvartsman, Catherine Stine and Allen Steele (still a Bob Seger look-a-like!) just to name a few. Mur Lafferty was the GOH, and she did her podcast from the GOH panel.

The fire alarm that kept going off was just a plus.

And if (the woman who was) Mario from Albacon reads this, I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. I nearly fell asleep on your shoulder at that last panel, stumbled off to bed without any farewells, and never saw you again. I enjoyed our talk about Las Vegas!



Don’t ever argue with the Big Dog…   Leave a comment

Early this morning I had a dream of a faceoff between Dean Winchester and U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard.

Dean was teamed with Martha Jones.

And they were dressed like Ghostbusters.


“Alright, listen up, people. Our fugitives have been on the run for ninety minutes. Average foot speed over uneven ground barring injuries is 4 miles-per-hour. That gives us a radius of six miles. What I want from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area. Checkpoints go up at fifteen miles. Your fugitives names are Dean Winchester and Dr. Martha Jones. Go get ’em.”

biggs and gerard

dean cute
“That’s cute.”

I’m not saying I’m a geek, but…   Leave a comment

I’m not saying I’m a geek, but…this is what sits to the left of my laptop. I keep these ones here because I’ve watched them all multiple times.

*(Except for Season of the Witch. My family gave me that for Christmas last year for some odd reason, and I haven’t actually watched it yet. I keep it near to motivate myself to pop it in the player sometime.)

*(And I’m not sure where The Fellowship of the Ring ended up, but I’m sure it’s nearby.)

battle royale who mushi shi kiki mononoke airbender bunraku season death1 death2 L save the world 20th1 20th2 20th3 last_quarter totoro spirited howl ponyo 2towers return

There is also a jar of coins, a cup of pens, a copy of a Shonen Jump special one-shot manga, several bookmarks sans books, and a packet of Star Wars fruit snacks.

Edited to add: I ate the fruit snacks.

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So I finally sent for Doctor Who, the movie, with Paul McGann. Started watching it. Had to break for a moment to give a somewhat silly grin at the fact that he was checked into the hospital under the name John Smith, and among his belongings, besides his screwdriver, was a pocket watch.

doctor who the movie with pocket watch

Paul McGann as Eight.

john smithpocket watch

David Tennant as Ten in the episodes Human Nature and The Family of Blood, where he hid himself in the past under the name John Smith, with his essence contained within – a pocket watch.

Too bad they never went anywhere with Paul McGann’s Doctor, he had real potential. Especially when he had shoes that fit well.

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Last night I had a dream about the Doctor. Yes, THE Doctor. I don’t recall too much of it, but what was so odd was that it was the 6th Doctor. 6th and 7th are the two I’m least familiar with, having only seen a handful of episodes with either.

But hey, it was the Doctor. That’s all that matters.


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I won’t even mention my TBR pile.

Ok, I will.

I can look to my left and find 40 (I just counted, and that’s the real number) FORTY volumes of manga I haven’t read yet. And that doesn’t count the one I bought yesterday, nor my e-subscription to Shonen Jump, where I am three or four weeks behind.

E-books? Let’s not go there. 100? That I haven’t read yet? That’s a fair estimate.

Tree books? Let me count…one, two, fifteen, two more there, two shelves in the bedroom…45?

So. Not enough time. But this post isn’t about books or reading. It’s about one of my favorite time-consuming obsessions, and the most likely excuse for why my TBR piles are so neglected.

No. Not Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr.


black butler

I once had a list of all the anime I’d watched, and another list of all the anime I still wanted to watch. I’m trying to take it in lumps, watching only a few shows at a time (of the older, completed ones), until I finish them, and then moving on to another. Trying is the operative word.

Currently running shows that I’m watching right now include One Piece and Naruto. Bleach was cancelled, which made me mad, because the next arc, with Zaraki and Unohana’s story would have been fantastic animated. Maybe they’ll do a movie? (hint hint) I also catch an occasional episode of Gintama.

Older shows that I’m watching:

Black Butler – they’re making a live-action movie soon, and I want to be caught up!
Darker Than Black – I’m almost through the first season. Very good anime.
Fairy Tail – yes, I know it’s a current show, but I only just started watching it. I’m only about 10 episodes in so far.
Hero Tales – by the author of Fullmetal Alchemist. I don’t like how they translate ‘Hagun’ to ‘Alkaid’. It makes no sense. They do that with a lot of words in this show, and it’s very distracting.
Rurouni Kenshin
Gundam AGE – I love anything Gundam, I must say
Tegami Bachi – takes being a mailman to whole new level
Yu Yu Hakusho
Dragonball – yes, the original. No, I’ve never seen it before.
and every now and then an episode of Sgt. Frog, which has the cutest theme song EVER, and I’m including the themes from Lucky Star, Ouran High School Host Club and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Sgt. Frog wins the cuteness award hands down. I have it on my iPod. (Of course, I also have the theme from Ninja Turtles. Explain THAT when you have it on shuffle in the car with someone in the passenger seat you don’t know all that well…!)


And though not anime, but still taking up my time, I’ve been watching Endgame on Hulu, a seriously good show, and Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

I’m also re-watching, in occasional bursts – Bleach, Prince of Tennis, Mushi-shi, Trigun, Doctor Who, Firefly and The A-Team.

So, those of you that know me, now when I say in a braggy voice about how ‘I don’t watch TV’, you can slap me across the face (Well, not really).


Captain Jack!   2 comments

And by Captain Jack I mean harkness and not sparrow.

Went to see Zero Dark Thirty yesterday, and what I took away from it, barring the fact that it was actually quite a good movie, and the seriousness of the content and all, was this:

“That guy that got in the elevator in that scene? He only had a couple of lines? I don’t remember his character’s name? That was totally John Barrowman!”

My husband, who, I’m ashamed to say, has no idea who Captain Jack Harkness is, made a polite sound and didn’t really respond.


Captain Jack!