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So last week I finally went to see the movie Rush, starring Thor, the God of Thunder


Er, I mean Chris Hemsworth. And I found it surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but I did, immensely.

Based on a true story, Daniel Bruhl stars as Niki Lauda, a Formula 1 driver, and Thor Chris Hemsworth as his rival, James Hunt.


I quite liked how at the end of the movie, as Bruhl, in character, is doing a voice over explaining what happened after the final scene, the photos and film footage they showed was of the real life Hunt and Lauda. And Thor Hemsworth and Bruhl truly captured Hunt and Lauda’s looks.

hunt and lauda
James Hunt and Niki Lauda

Well worth watching; catch it if it hasn’t left your theater yet.

And here’s Thor Chris Hemsworth, just because…

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