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My Magnificent Hair, Partz 1,2 & 3   Leave a comment


About a week ago, a day or two before Christmas, my daughter and I went shopping at the mall. It was, as you can expect, crowded and very busy. But we had a good time, and were leaving several hours later, a bit exhausted.

Making our way through one of the big department stores to the parking lot we’d used, my daughter was ahead of me, one or two people between us. I hear a woman’s voice behind saying, “Girl, I love your hair.” I keep walking, but a second or two later a hand touches my shoulder lightly, and I turn.

A wonderfully tall woman. I’m guessing 6 feet? She’s looking right at me and says again, “Girl, I love your hair!”

Now, I’m in my fifties, and my hair’s been mostly white since I was in my mid-20’s. I colored it for a while, then decided it was too expensive to keep on doing it at the salon, and too much of a bother to do it myself. So it stays white/gray.

That woman made my day. My exhaustion dropped away. (Well, nearly…)


We got back into town and went to another store. The lines were horrendously long. We got what we needed and were standing in line talking. Waiting. A young man went past. He was an employee of the store, I saw, wearing a name badge, and he said to someone over his shoulder, “Open up on 14?” I think I was the only one to hear him, and to hear whoever it was tell him, “Yes.” So I swerved out of my very long line and went to register 14. First in line. W00t!

Another woman got in line behind me. Now this was about an hour or so after the mall lady. This particular woman was around my age, with hair just as white/gray as mine. Our eyes met, as eyes do, and she grinned and said, “I love your hair!”

I think my jaw dropped, and she said, “It’s like a beacon of light! I saw you move out of line, and I just knew you were going to go to a good line. I followed your hair!”


Now to yesterday. I’m at work, and it’s close to my time to leave. I’m waiting to get through a particular area so that I can put some stuff away before I go home. There’s a man, a customer, probably in his 30’s, with two children, talking to an associate on the customer service desk. They’re just in front of me, and since they were standing right in the path of where I needed to go, and since I was in no big hurry, I wait while he finishes his business. They begin to move off, and I begin to move through. One of his children is a little girl, maybe 5 years old. She looks at me, starts to follow her dad, then turns back and says to me, “Lady, you have beautiful hair.”

I stop and stare at her, and say, “What?” in laughing amazement, and she says, “I just think you have a beautiful hair style.” I tell her thank you very sincerely, and I know there’s a ridiculous grin on my face. She runs to catch up to her dad, and I hear him ask her, “What did you say to her?” And bless her, she says to her dad, “I told her she had beautiful hair.”

I just don’t get it. But it makes me give a little giggle every time I remember any of the incidents.

Now if only Tom Hiddleston or Thor Chris Hemsworth were to come and admire me. My hair, I mean. Admire my hair…Yeah. That’d be great.


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Thor’s new movie   Leave a comment

So last week I finally went to see the movie Rush, starring Thor, the God of Thunder


Er, I mean Chris Hemsworth. And I found it surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but I did, immensely.

Based on a true story, Daniel Bruhl stars as Niki Lauda, a Formula 1 driver, and Thor Chris Hemsworth as his rival, James Hunt.


I quite liked how at the end of the movie, as Bruhl, in character, is doing a voice over explaining what happened after the final scene, the photos and film footage they showed was of the real life Hunt and Lauda. And Thor Hemsworth and Bruhl truly captured Hunt and Lauda’s looks.

hunt and lauda
James Hunt and Niki Lauda

Well worth watching; catch it if it hasn’t left your theater yet.

And here’s Thor Chris Hemsworth, just because…

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