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Last night I dreamed George Lucas tried to convince me to quit my job and sign as his assistant for a few months while he filmed some movie here in Connecticut. I refused to quit, but agreed to work for him around my other schedule. He told me I was sassy, and said it would be okay.

(George Lucas said I was sassy. Yes. I know it was just a dream. Shut up and let me have my moment.)

In other news, I decided to prioritize my to-be-read books by size, and Sophie has not hissed at Zoro in several days.

I really, really like the shirt he’s wearing.


And by size I mean actual physical size, not length. I piled them largest to smallest, and I shall read the top one first. Once I finish the four I’m reading now.

Which doesn’t even include my e-books. We won’t even go there.