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Short Stories also available for Kindle:

In most formats:
A Mother’s Love

a mothers love2

Amazon Kindle US Edition
Amazon Kindle UK Edition
Barnes and Noble Nook Edition
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For Kindle:

elton john_small
Elton John at the Down and Out Cafe

It’s a Christmas Dee will never forget.

A Brother’s Reflection

Simon lost his whole squad in a sortie across enemy lines, including his own brother. Taken by the god. But if they were taken, what is it that Simon sees in the mirror?

I Will Fear No Evil

The Shadow Program. Injected. Indoctrinated. Sold to the highest bidder. You take the needle and you do what you’re told, or you lose the shadow.

The Pirates of Bear Lake

A bunch of guys, hanging out, drinking beer. Playing pirate. That’s all fine, until you get caught. What does a self-respecting pirate do then?

A Dragon By Any Other Name and Other Stories

The answers to the questions everyone is asking: Should you skip dragon-killing class for a Star Trek convention? What really happened in the house of the three bears? What makes a wizard a wizard? Includes five short stories: A Dragon By Any Other Name, Where Do Wizards Come From?, The House at the End of the World, Goldi Freaking Who? and Please Press Star.



Posted March 7, 2012 by Fran LaPlaca

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