a true story

Him: Someone gave my brother a dog he didn’t want anymore.

Me: Uh huh.

Him: Should we take her? Brother says he’ll keep her if we don’t want her.

Me: Then let your brother keep her. He already has her.

Him: I like dogs.

Me: Uh huh.

Him: I can train her. I’ve trained dogs before.

Me: 20 years ago. When you were 25. You can’t train yourself now.

Him: *brings dog home for visit*

Him: Isn’t she nice?

Me: Uh huh.

Him: I’ll take her back now.

Me: OK

Him: *calls from brother’s house* I’m going to leave now. But she’s staring at me.

Me: Who is?

Him: The dog. She keeps looking at me.

Him and kids: It’s up to you. If you don’t want a dog, then we won’t keep her.

Me: We just adopted a cat that is still adjusting, a cat with trust issues and a fear of everything except youngest son. I’m not a dog person in general. She’s very nice, but let her stay at your brother’s house where she’ll have other dogs to play with and space to run. We live in the city.

Him and Kids: It’s up to you. Yes or no?

Me: I believe I answered this already. No.

Him: *brings dog home* We have a dog!









(truth in advertising – this happened 8 years ago – dog is still with us, and so is another cat. Original cat with trust issues hates all of us indiscriminately, except for youngest son)


…and just last month we complained about the cold…

It is hot out. Just saying.

Got back from Albacon. Had a good time. This was the first con I’ve been to since World Fantasy 2007. Albacon was a good one to ease back into, small and very, very friendly.

And it had Mario, the Sailor Scouts, Wizard Howl, the Tenth AND the Eleventh Doctor, Eren Yeager, Elsa, and my favorite, Vash the Stampede.

Not only my favorite, by the way. Vash won the costume contest. LOVE AND PEACE!

Vash is a member of Upstate New York Cosplay Society. You can find out more about Albacon here.

Other guests included B.A. Chepaitis, (rhymes with arthritis…), Debi Chowdhury, Anatoly Belilovsky, Carl Frederick, K.A. Laity, J.A. Fludd, Alex Shvartsman, Catherine Stine and Allen Steele (still a Bob Seger look-a-like!) just to name a few. Mur Lafferty was the GOH, and she did her podcast from the GOH panel.

The fire alarm that kept going off was just a plus.

And if (the woman who was) Mario from Albacon reads this, I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. I nearly fell asleep on your shoulder at that last panel, stumbled off to bed without any farewells, and never saw you again. I enjoyed our talk about Las Vegas!



I’m headed to Albany, NY in a couple of hours, to spend the weekend at Albacon 2014 1/2.

One of the authors at Albacon will be Allen Steele, author of the Coyote series, The Jericho Iteration, and Oceanspace, to name a few. I vaguely remember meeting him several years ago, when I used to go to cons frequently. My memory was that he was a very nice man with an amazing resemblance to Bob Seger.

allen steele bob seger








I found I had over-estimated the time needed for packing, and instead found myself watching youTube videos of Bob Seger. Coincidence?

I searched wikipedia and google for anything that might link them so I could be semi-interesting, but all I found was similar colors in the these two titles…Hey, I tried. See you in Albany!



It was a dark and stormy day…

The power went out a few minutes ago. Because I work on a laptop, I was able to power it down. Picked up a book to read instead. Read for a couple minutes, but it’s a gray and cloudy day, and that makes it kind of dark in the house.

So I got up, book in hand, still reading as I walked over and flipped the light switch.

On the plus side, I got a Captain America t-shirt and a Batman t-shirt on clearance this morning, so I got that going for me.