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I’m headed to Albany, NY in a couple of hours, to spend the weekend at Albacon 2014 1/2.

One of the authors at Albacon will be Allen Steele, author of the Coyote series, The Jericho Iteration, and Oceanspace, to name a few. I vaguely remember meeting him several years ago, when I used to go to cons frequently. My memory was that he was a very nice man with an amazing resemblance to Bob Seger.

allen steele bob seger








I found I had over-estimated the time needed for packing, and instead found myself watching youTube videos of Bob Seger. Coincidence?

I searched wikipedia and google for anything that might link them so I could be semi-interesting, but all I found was similar colors in the these two titles…Hey, I tried. See you in Albany!




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“In fact, she bravely attempted what she called a seventh level spell, and by the time Andre had managed to put out the flames and changed into undamaged trousers she had nearly stopped apologizing.”

From The Legends of Tiger Jack

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Thought I’d take my netbook and write outside for a while today.

Stepped over a small dead wasp as Maddie the chocolate lab herded me down the steps and into the back yard. Noticed it, paid no attention.

The umbrella on the patio table was down, so I leaned in and began to crank it to an open position.


Now I’m not freaked out by moths like my daughter is, but still, there were far too many for comfort. Brushed them away, sat down and before I began working, spent a few minutes watching two squirrels fight/chase/fight each other up and down two trees. Wrote a paragraph.

Some kind of invisible bitey things. Kept brushing my arms until I couldn’t take it anymore. Maddie couldn’t either. As soon as I gave up and picked up my netbook she ran to the kitchen door.


As I followed her I noticed there were LOTS of small, dead wasps. Everywhere.

What the hell?

I still feel that invisible bitey things are crawling on me. Several people have been commenting on Bugnado, I guess it’s hit this side of town, too. And apparently invisible, bitey things don’t like either small wasps or my arms. Neck. Ankles. Feet.


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“It will hit you on the Tokyo Express.”

That line was running through my brain when my alarm went off this morning. I have no idea what it meant; my dream, so far as I can remember it, was of my son holding a god-awful lamp and laughing. No Tokyo in sight.

But picture this: A girl wakes with those words running though her head, as I did. She can’t forget them, as apparently I can’t. She determines that she MUST find out their meaning. So being young and rash, as I am not, she decides to go to Japan and search for the words. An adventure ensues, and she, of course, in the process discovers herself, finds new meaning to her depressing, gray life. Perhaps she finds love, perhaps she just finds fun.

(Is love more important to life than fun? I wonder…)

Does she find The Tokyo Express? I googled the phrase. There are quite a number of sushi restaurants, from Sacramento to Maine, with that name. It’s also a code phrase used in World War II to describe “the use of Imperial Japanese Navy ships at night to deliver personnel, supplies, and equipment to Japanese forces.” (quote from Wikipedia)

I don’t picture that as her answer. I was thinking it might be a train. You know, like the Bullet Train, only not quite as fast. And what hits her? The answer to a tremendous question? An epiphany of some sort? Or does someone simply throw something at her head? A gaijin female in a Japanese train, who speaks not a word of Japanese outside of what she learned from watching Naruto? (And there are very few situations in life that call for one to weave hand signs while shouting, “Kage bunshin no jutsu!”)

(Although that would be very cool…)

Ah, well. Maybe I’ll write it someday, and when I get to the end I’ll know.

The Tokyo Express:

What it was:

What it is:

What I hoped it might be:

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I have such plans for today…Because you totally NEED to know what I’m doing today.

Laundry – I’ve been lazy this week, so now on my day off I’m estimating I have 8 loads to do.

Reading – I’ve been reading Angry White Pyjamas by Robert Twigger. He’s an Oxford poet who ended up living in Japan and doing much of nothing; decided he needed to do more of something, and chose to learn aikido. Being completely out of shape, he naturally chose the most difficult course he could find – the course that the Tokyo Riot Police used for training. Angry White Pyjamas is his memoir of that year.

Mamma Mia – I had my iPod on shuffle yesterday and Dancing Queen came up. I made me realize that I haven’t watched Mamma Mia (the movie) in almost a year. That’s nearly unbelievable. I usually end up watching it every couple of months. Don’t know why, but it’s just one of my feel-good movies. So I dug it out, and plan to watch it in between folding clothes.

Writing – I’ve been slacking on that lately, (damn you, World of Warcraft!) and I have some serious work to do on a couple of files.

But…my first druid IS up to level 82….

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Blade of Lightning

*Spirit to hold us.*
*Knowledge to keep us.*
*Warrior to defend.*

There are three Faces a Keeper can swear to, and three elements to bind their souls. But the elements number four, and although Fire was forbidden nearly five hundred years ago, the time for it to return is at hand. And the only thing standing between the Keepers of the Way and total destruction is Kei Ayumi.

“What are your weapons?” Keeper of Earth Secchi Amara asks Kei Ayumi the first time they meet. “Anything,” she answers. And Secchi soon learns it is not a boast, for although he may be the ranking warrior in the Fortress of Earth, Kei Ayumi is beyond deadly. With a past hidden in smoke and fire, and wrapped in a grief so profound she cannot even speak of it, Kei Ayumi faces challenges that daunt even a warrior. For although she has only just been bound to the Wayline, her path will take her from the snow covered Galdain Mountains to the hot sands of the Honshara desert as she tries to unlock her lost memories, defeat an enemy wreathed in flames, and face a firestorm of lightning.

Blade of Lightning – Book One of The Keepers of the Way is available for Kindle and Nook, and at Smashwords.
Amazon Kindle US Edition
Amazon Kindle UK Edition
Barnes and Noble Nook Edition
also available through iTunes

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keeper of fire

The sequel to BLADE OF LIGHTNING is now available on Amazon!

“I am a Blade. I was born in the deep desert of the Honshara, and raised by sunlight and moonlight. My feet walk the sands.”

Keira ken Tatake, Blade of Lightning, once left her home in the Honshara desert. Her family lost, her honor tainted, she had not even a name to call her own.

“I am the desert fox, fleet of foot and sharp of mind.”

Now her honor and her name are returned to her, and though her lost friends can never be replaced, a new family has claimed its place in her heart and soul.

“I am the stooping hawk, with eyes that see, and talons that kill.”

But the Fire has claimed its place as well, and the flames that once chased her out of the Honshara desert now force her back. For the Fire of Akashi and the Blade of Lightning are one, and the desert that gave life to the young Blade may well be the death of the Keeper of Fire.

“I walk the sands, and this night I ask to walk with thee.”

As Kei and Secchi escort Cato Dunai to his trial of the Way, more than one firestorm is ignited. Zhyiana ken Prien, one-time Blade of Death, fights demons that can’t be seen; a man once honorable fights the face of dishonor he sees in his own reflection; and Kei, Secchi and Galari are all that stand between Dunai and the whole of Akashi, with no hope of survival.