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The real Barad-dur?   Leave a comment

I’d feel a bit bad-ass if I got to climb the tower.

Bought for £1, the mysterious tower that inspired JRR Tolkien | Society |

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You say Racket, I say Rocket   Leave a comment

Saw this headline:

John Grisham's 'The Racketeer' keeps perch atop bestseller list – Yahoo! News.

but my eyes saw “The Rocketeer” and I got all excited thinking Grisham was writing sci-fi….

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“Goo ta la la, Soo da la la…”   Leave a comment

I have a pile of DVD’s next to my laptop that I’ve been planning to watch. The Mummy Returns, Romeo Must Die, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Grave of the Fireflies, Batman Begins, and Porco Rosso. 

Instead? I watched 20th Century Boys, all three. And enjoyed myself immensely.

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I need a hobbit….   Leave a comment

In the parking lot at my (day) job, I pass a small landscaped section on my way from my car to the store each morning. For the past week or so I’ve been watching some mushrooms grow. They showed up unexpectedly (is that a mushroom? How weird!) and have grown so rapidly I had to take pictures today. I’ve never watched mushrooms grow before, so I’ll assume the rapid growth is normal, but these things are HUGE. Four, five inches across.

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why…   Leave a comment

why is the computer screen staring at me……

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Itty bitty pies….   Leave a comment

I got this new THING in through mail order last week, and decided today to try it out for the first time.

It’s a personal pie maker. Here ’tis.

Here ’tis with an egg on top so you can see how itty bitty they really are. Or rather, will be.

Okay. It came with an instruction booklet that had a few recipes. I decided to try the mini quiche recipe. So I read it over to make sure I had everything, and that I knew what to do with the silly machine. Only to find that the machine was not the only silly thing that came in the box. Here’s the recipe:

Do you see the problem here? The recipe is called “Ham, Cheese and Herb Quiche.” A quick look at the ingredients show that it calls for ham, eggs and cream, and herbs, but for some reason, no cheese. Huh?
Then you read the directions. It starts off by saying, “combine and mix in bowl leek, ham, eggs, cream and herbs.” LEEK????
So confused. but whatever, I got the gist of it. I make regular quiche enough to know what to do.

So here’s the half made product, (leek-less) two with top crusts already on, two without. (you have to have a top crust for this to work)

Here it is after only 10 minutes. Don’t they look yummy? You can make fruit pies as well, or a cottage pie, I suppose, with a crust on top of the potatoes. Or a Jamaican meat pie! Mmmmm…

Didn’t cook quite long enough for the eggs, but they were soft set, and it really wasn’t that bad. I bet a fruit pie would be delish…

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