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Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Check out my new page with some free, short fiction for you – Enjoy!


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Today is that holiday you look forward to all year!

Talk Like A Pirate Day! Why not celebrate with a story about a couple of guys who took Talk Like A Pirate Day just a little too far….


The Pirates of Bear Lake

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This is the view that I had in my mind when I wrote “The Pirates of Bear Lake.”


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A collection of short stories….
The answers to the questions everyone is asking: Should you skip dragon-killing class for a Star Trek convention? What really happened in the house of the three bears? What makes a wizard a wizard? Includes five short stories: A Dragon By Any Other Name, Where Do Wizards Come From?, The House at the End of the World, Goldi Freaking Who? and Please Press Star.

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These books are now available online:

To Serve the High King is up at Smashwords. It should be available at other sites in a week or so.
Check out the free sample!

The Aduro, the first novel in the Guardians of the Temple books, is up at Amazon:
US version
UK version

And some short stories as well:
A Brother’s Reflection
US version
UK version

Elton John at the Down and Out Cafe
US version
UK version

The Pirates of Bear Lake
US version
UK version