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I haven’t really posted in a while. Have done quite a bit so far this summer, far more than I usually do. Drove to North Carolina, lots of pics to show from that.

But I’ve been going to movies. Lots of movies. There’s quite a few I wanted to see but couldn’t find the time, in fact as I write this post I realize I missed the earlier showing of Percy Jackson that I had planned to go see.

So. Let’s start with…


Tom Cruise. I haven’t seen a Tom Cruise film in a long time, not since War of the Worlds, back in 2005. Did I like Oblivion? I did. Do I recommend it? I do. Have I other comments on it? Nah, not really. (Waiting for Elysium to come out with Matt Damon.)


Last week I was grumpy, so I went to see The Heat.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. I just love Sandra Bullock, always have. It was cute, I enjoyed it, and it cured my grumpiness. And the scene where Sandra Bullock’s character finally learns how to use profanity made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.

the heat

The Lone Ranger.

Johnny Depp. Oh, and that other guy, the one who plays…er…the Lone Ranger. Armie Hammer? It got such bad reviews I almost didn’t go to see it, but I did, and I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed it. Yeah, they could have gone the dramatic, true Western route, but hey, it’s Disney. They made it kind of goofy, with a few dramatic, Western moments.

And when, seriously, was the last time you went to a movie and it got applause at the end? I think for me it would have to be The Fellowship of the Ring. I can’t remember one since then. But at the showing I went to, The Lone Ranger got an ovation. Not a standing one, granted, but the audience applauded at the end.

(Seriously, I’d never heard of Armie Hammer before….)

lone ranger

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Benedict Cumberbatch. ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and the movie ROCKED.


I have a crush on these silly British cheekbones. I cannot wait for season 3 of Sherlock.

pine and quinto

And don’t these two clean up nice?

Now You See Me.

Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine. Lots of twists and turns, most of which I saw ahead of time, but that didn’t make them any less enjoyable. And one of the final twists I did NOT expect, and that was a plus. Very good caper flick.

now you see me

and a really nice shot of Mark Ruffalo, just because….


White House Down

Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. I think these two characters should do a series of films, I really liked their chemistry. Fairly good action flick, reminded me very much of Harrison Ford’s Air Force One. (“Get – off – my – plane!”) (“Get – your – hands – off – my – Jordan’s!”) (Presidential priorities….) I’ve never seen Channing Tatum in anything before, but he wasn’t bad. And Jamie Foxx has turned into an amazing leading man.

white house down

And finally, Pacific Rim.

I’m a huge Gundam fan, so I couldn’t wait to see how this came out. I was not disappointed. The story was a little predictable, but I really had a great time. Now if only they would make a live-action Gundam movie of the same caliber.

pacific rim

and the Gundam Exia…


Suddenly I’m in the mood for popcorn….


Specialty Medicine   Leave a comment

One wonders how many takes it was before they delivered this line without someone giggling hysterically. Roxann Dawson should have received an award for saying it with a straight face even once.


Ethan Philips, Roxann Dawson, and Tim Russ – Star Trek:Voyager.
(Season One, Episode 16 – Learning Curve)

Listening to:Bryan Adams

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Several years ago I started a story. Science fiction – well, more space opera, since I know nothing about science but love a good adventure. I liked it, and I liked what was happening in it, but I didn’t have a clear idea of the plot at all.

I love science fiction, but I decided it wasn’t something I would ever be able to write well. So I left it unfinished. Eventually I wrote a fantasy novel, Blade of Lightning, that used many elements from the original piece. Characters, phrases, places, even a magic system. (Yes, magic in space. Have you not read The Witches of Karres?)

I lost the original ages ago. Until last night. I had decided to get all my writing folders organized. I had 17 – seventeen- copies of the same file in different places. Took me hours, and I’m still only half done. But I found my original story!

Read it. Still liked it, but I think I must have heavily influenced by the ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn. So I’ll keep it, and try to think of uses for the characters I didn’t import into fantasy….

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