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Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Check out my new page with some free, short fiction for you – Enjoy!


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It’s read an e-book week on Smashwords, where authors are discounting their books heavily, and many are now free. But only until Saturday, so you need to get there now! At the moment I only have one book up on Smashwords (the rest are on Amazon), TO SERVE THE HIGH KING, but, during this promotion it’s FREE. So you should go check it out, and download it in whatever format works for you. (I do NOT recommend plain text format- it came out with no formatting whatsoever, not even paragraph breaks. Just one huge, run-on paragraph!)

So Read An E-Book this week. You don’t need a reader, you can read it online, or download to your computer and read there. The Kindle e-reader is free at Amazon, then go to Smashwords and get TO SERVE THE HIGH KING for free!

But hurry, it’s only until Saturday!