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Keeper of the Way   Leave a comment

I am so pleased to announce that Blade of Lightning, Book One of The Keepers of the Way, is now available on Amazon for Kindle!
US version
UK version


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Several years ago I started a story. Science fiction – well, more space opera, since I know nothing about science but love a good adventure. I liked it, and I liked what was happening in it, but I didn’t have a clear idea of the plot at all.

I love science fiction, but I decided it wasn’t something I would ever be able to write well. So I left it unfinished. Eventually I wrote a fantasy novel, Blade of Lightning, that used many elements from the original piece. Characters, phrases, places, even a magic system. (Yes, magic in space. Have you not read The Witches of Karres?)

I lost the original ages ago. Until last night. I had decided to get all my writing folders organized. I had 17 – seventeen- copies of the same file in different places. Took me hours, and I’m still only half done. But I found my original story!

Read it. Still liked it, but I think I must have heavily influenced by the ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn. So I’ll keep it, and try to think of uses for the characters I didn’t import into fantasy….

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To Serve the High King   Leave a comment

There were once six wizards.
A thousand years in the past, when the last of the High Kings betrayed his people, when the magic of the Seven Kingdoms disappeared, the wizards died.
But now the magic has returned. Illean, a Scholar of the land, and Carac, a Prince from the one Kingdom that denied the wizards, must travel together throughout the Seven Kingdoms in search of answers.
Has a new High King been born? The crown in the flames, a crown with seven points, insists that he has. And now with war threatening between Kingdoms, Illean and Carac’s search grows more difficult.
With no wizards to control it, the magic spreads unchecked, and Illean herself holds a token that seems to prove a new, more troubling rumor – that one of the wizards has survived.
As magical creatures gone for a millennia return to their ancient homes, and warring Kings deny their very oaths, can Illean and Carac find a way to stop a second destruction?
For as they journey to the lifeless High Kingdom of Lychee, the two realize that the power to bring the errant Kings under control can only be held by a High King.
Or a wizard.

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