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I have never understood why a Menos Grandes would wear men’s white, pointy, high-heeled dress shoes.


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it’s probably really a thing   Leave a comment

me and Julian sitting in the file room staring at computers

me: my feet hurt

Julian: (what he actually said) these floors are are really very uncompromising

Julian: (what I thought he said) you should put them on ebay

me: I should put my FEET on ebay?!?


(not my actual foot)

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…but I had a coupon…   Leave a comment


“I only came in for a loaf of bread.” – said every customer ever.

“Where’s the bread?” – responded every tired cashier.


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…just one?…   Leave a comment

Never ask me to pick a favorite.  A favorite ANYTHING. Favorite manga, favorite movie, favorite sandwich, favorite flower. Because I’ll start to sputter and get really excited and say things like, “Do you want my top 10? Because I don’t think I go can go lower than a top 20. Maybe 25. Can we do a top 25? Is that ok?” 

And the more I list, the more I’ll remember and the bigger the list.  Except for maybe favorite flower. Hands down, that’s the daffodil.

But I do like lily-of-the-valley, too. And roses. And….never mind.

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…meet the jetsons…   Leave a comment

Walking to my car…passed a woman walking in, digging through her purse. She didn’t find whatever she was looking for and must have realized she left it in her car. She looked up, stared at me without seeing me, muttered, “Rut Ro”, and spun around and headed back to her car. 

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Turn around, Frances.   Leave a comment

There’s nothing to see here. 

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April Showers Bring May Flowers?   Leave a comment

Mother Nature’s calendar is off by a couple of days. I wonder where I put my hat and gloves….


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