…but I had a coupon…


“I only came in for a loaf of bread.” – said every customer ever.

“Where’s the bread?” – responded every tired cashier.



…just one?…

Never ask me to pick a favorite.  A favorite ANYTHING. Favorite manga, favorite movie, favorite sandwich, favorite flower. Because I’ll start to sputter and get really excited and say things like, “Do you want my top 10? Because I don’t think I go can go lower than a top 20. Maybe 25. Can we do a top 25? Is that ok?” 

And the more I list, the more I’ll remember and the bigger the list.  Except for maybe favorite flower. Hands down, that’s the daffodil.

But I do like lily-of-the-valley, too. And roses. And….never mind.

road kill

So I was driving home from work behind a police car. The cop slowed down suddenly, then went back to normal speed. At the spot where he’d slowed there was a dead animal on the side of the road. I wondered if he was making note of it so he could send someone to take care of the poor thing.

A few seconds closer to the dead animal myself and I realized IT HAD NO HEAD.

Whatever it was, and it appeared the size of a small fox or maybe a large raccoon, it had been hit so hard IT HAD BEEN DECAPITATED.

Then a few more seconds closer and I saw it was a cardboard box.

I wonder if the officer dispatched anyone to pick it up….