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This is the view that I had in my mind when I wrote “The Pirates of Bear Lake.”



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I was thinking it would be nice tomorrow to take a hike in the woods.

Then I thought, but what if I slip on ice or something and fall and twist my ankle or something? I’d have to try to crawl back to wherever I’d parked my car. (Yes, I have to drive my car to get to somewhere where I can walk in the woods….)

Then I thought, yeah, I’d fall, twist my ankle, and some nice people would also be out in the wintry woods and would stop to help me.

Or they would be cannibals, or freaky weird serial killers, or demons looking for souls, attracted by the scent of my fear….

And that’s when I decided I’d watched enough Supernatural for today….


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Had a great walk at the Nepaug Reservoir yesterday. Trying to get a good pic of the little island, but simply can’t! Either it’s too gray out, or it’s too far away….we crawled down the muddy, soft slope to the lake’s edge, but the tree branches hang in front of you like a curtain. In order to get past them, I’d have to actually wade out into the water, and that ain’t gonna happen. It’s way too cold!

The top two pics are of the island. I may get a better faraway shot (from the dam) when the sun decides to shine. The sky’s been so overcast each day we go there, the pictures simply do not show the beauty of the place.

Ah, well. Summer is coming…

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