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Keeper of Fire
“I am a Blade. I was born in the deep desert of the Honshara, and raised by sunlight and moonlight. My feet walk the sands.”

Keira ken Tatake, Blade of Lightning, once left her home in the Honshara desert. Her family lost, her honor tainted, she had not even a name to call her own.

“I am the desert fox, fleet of foot and sharp of mind.”

Now her honor and her name are returned to her, and though her lost friends can never be replaced, a new family has claimed its place in her heart and soul.

“I am the stooping hawk, with eyes that see, and talons that kill.”

But the Fire has claimed its place as well, and the flames that once chased her out of the Honshara desert now force her back. For the Fire of Akashi and the Blade of Lightning are one, and the desert that gave life to the young Blade may well be the death of the Keeper of Fire.

“I walk the sands, and this night I ask to walk with thee.”

As Kei and Secchi escort Cato Dunai to his trial of the Way, more than one firestorm is ignited. Zhyiana ken Prien, one-time Blade of Death, fights demons that can’t be seen; a man once honorable fights the face of dishonor he sees in his own reflection; and Kei, Secchi and Galari are all that stand between Dunai and the whole of Akashi, with no hope of survival.

Keeper of Fire – Book Two of The Keepers of the Way is available for Kindle, Nook and in various formats at Smashwords.

Kindle US Edition
Kindle UK Edition
Barnes & Noble Nook Edition
Smashwords Edition

Blade of Lightning

*Spirit to hold us.*
*Knowledge to keep us.*
*Warrior to defend.*

There are three Faces a Keeper can swear to, and three elements to bind their souls. But the elements number four, and although Fire was forbidden nearly five hundred years ago, the time for it to return is at hand. And only thing standing between the Keepers of the Way and total destruction is Kei Ayumi. “What are your weapons?” Keeper of Earth Secchi Amara asks Kei Ayumi the first time they meet. “Anything,” she answers. And Secchi soon learns it is not a boast, for although he may be the ranking warrior in the Fortress of Earth, Kei Ayumi is beyond deadly. With a past hidden in smoke and fire, and wrapped in a grief so profound she cannot even speak of it, Kei Ayumi faces challenges that daunt even a warrior. For although she has only just been bound to the Wayline, her path will take her from the snow covered Galdain Mountains to the hot sands of the Honshara desert as she tries to unlock her lost memories, defeat an enemy wreathed in flames, and face a firestorm of lightning.

Blade of Lightning – Book One of The Keepers of the Way is available for Kindle and Nook, and at Smashwords.
Amazon Kindle US Edition
Amazon Kindle UK Edition
Barnes and Noble Nook Edition
also available through iTunes


to serve
There were once six wizards.

A thousand years in the past, when the last of the High Kings betrayed his people, when the magic of the Seven Kingdoms disappeared, the wizards died.

But now the magic has returned. Illean, a Scholar of the land, and Carac, a Prince from the one Kingdom that denied the wizards, must travel together throughout the Seven Kingdoms in search of answers.

Has a new High King been born? The crown in the flames, a crown with seven points, insists that he has. And now with war threatening between Kingdoms, Illean and Carac’s search grows more difficult.

With no wizards to control it, the magic spreads unchecked, and Illean herself holds a token that seems to prove a new, more troubling rumor – that one of the wizards has survived. As magical creatures gone for a millennia return to their ancient homes, and warring Kings deny their very oaths, can Illean and Carac find a way to stop a second destruction?

For as they journey to the lifeless High Kingdom of Lynholm, the two realize that the power to bring the errant Kings under control can only be held by a High King.

Or a wizard.

To Serve the High King is available for Kindle and Nook, and at Smashwords.

Kindle US Edition
Kindle UK Edition
Barnes and Noble Nook Edition
Smashwords Edition
also available through iTunes

The Aduro

The Aduro – Book One of The Guardians of the Temple is available for Amazon Kindle.
I pledge myself to the World.
I will hold no title, and claim no lands.
No man may command me, save my Master.
My Power will not be used for profit.
I will answer a true need without hesitation.

So a Mage vows. But not all Mages. For not long ago the land of Penmar was under the tyranny of Baron-Mage rule, and the dark echoes of those days still sends shadows into the land. Tamarind Bell carries the scars of those shadows, and has sworn to fight the darkness with all the magic at her command. But when an ancient amulet of immense power is discovered, she may find the price to pay to keep light in the World is more than she has to offer.

The Aduro is available for Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and at Smashwords.

Kindle US version
Kindle UK version
Barnes and Noble Nook Edition
Smashwords Edition
also available through iTunes



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