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Hi. I’m a writer. And since I’m not Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, it means I also have another, daytime job.

My daytime job is interesting because it forces me to interact with real people. If it were up to me, and I could write full time, I might not see or talk to real people every day. Or possibly even every week. I am, in general, perfectly happy living in my own worlds, with brief forays into anime or manga, or reading other writer’s books, or watching one or two of the over 1600 shows I have on my Hulu queue, or even, occasionally, shopping for groceries. But having a job in the real world gives me a place I have to be on a regular basis, and, I suppose, keeps me sane.

But my own worlds keep me sane as well. I might be at work and concentrating fiercely on tracking down that damned missing invoice, when I’ll find myself wondering just exactly how one really does feel when thrown into an ice-cold lake in midwinter. Or the sudden realization that yes, Benedict would do that, wouldn’t he? It’s totally in character for him. And if I get strange looks when I unconsciously act out a scene, or get caught in the public restroom mumbling dialogue under my breath, well, that’s okay. These things happen.

Some of my influences include Patricia McKillip, Haruki Murakami, Mary Stewart, Barbara Kingsolver, Billie Letts, David Drake, David Weber, and Julie Czerneda. An eclectic bunch, all of whom are also my favorite authors to read.

I strive to include in my writing Barbara Kingsolver’s and Billie Letts’ sense of place, Mary Stewart’s quiet sense of fate and destiny, David Drake, Julie Czerneda and David Weber’s sense of adventure, and Haruki Murakami’s one-step-to-the-left sense of the oddness of this world.

I have written the KEEPER OF THE WAY series, which includes BLADE OF LIGHTNING and the brand new sequel, KEEPER OF FIRE. Non-series novels include THE ADURO and TO SERVE THE HIGH KING. Short stories have appeared in the DAW anthologies BETTER OFF UNDEAD and SOMETHING MAGIC THIS WAY COMES, and also in the original WARRIOR AND WISEWOMAN and the Realms of Wonder anthology, FANTASTIC COMPANIONS.

I collect manga and action figures, have far too many books in my To Be Read pile, both physical and electronic, and I love action movies, rainstorms, and Doctor Who.

And now here’s a really nice picture of a llama.

a really nice picture of a llama

a really nice picture of a llama


Posted March 7, 2012 by Fran LaPlaca

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