…and just last month we complained about the cold…   Leave a comment

It is hot out. Just saying.

Got back from Albacon. Had a good time. This was the first con I’ve been to since World Fantasy 2007. Albacon was a good one to ease back into, small and very, very friendly.

And it had Mario, the Sailor Scouts, Wizard Howl, the Tenth AND the Eleventh Doctor, Eren Yeager, Elsa, and my favorite, Vash the Stampede.

Not only my favorite, by the way. Vash won the costume contest. LOVE AND PEACE!

Vash is a member of Upstate New York Cosplay Society. You can find out more about Albacon here.

Other guests included B.A. Chepaitis, (rhymes with arthritis…), Debi Chowdhury, Anatoly Belilovsky, Carl Frederick, K.A. Laity, J.A. Fludd, Alex Shvartsman, Catherine Stine and Allen Steele (still a Bob Seger look-a-like!) just to name a few. Mur Lafferty was the GOH, and she did her podcast from the GOH panel.

The fire alarm that kept going off was just a plus.

And if (the woman who was) Mario from Albacon reads this, I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. I nearly fell asleep on your shoulder at that last panel, stumbled off to bed without any farewells, and never saw you again. I enjoyed our talk about Las Vegas!



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