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A mother helping her toddler practice his newly acquired skill of WALKING.

A man checking Facebook while what looks like his Surface charges at the new charging station. (Jealous….I want a Surface….)

Three mall employees on lunch break discussing: 1…Puerto Rico. 2…a relative with cancer. 3. Taco Bell.

Woman with overly humongous breasts walking with man with overly humongous bottom. Actually a fairly cute couple.

Nope it’s not a Surface, it’s an iPad…

And now Gangnam Style is playing on my iPod, so I turn it up and watch people walking to the music and imagine how great it would be if they all started doing the dance….

The toddler is the only one who can keep up with the beat…

I realize I have not seen even one person wearing pajamas. This must be a classy mall.

That man looks like he has a flower behind his ear…no, he’s closer now, it’s a pair of orange headphones.
All the women seem to be wearing artfully draped scarves. All but me…

Now one of the theme songs from Naruto is playing. The toddler is gone, so I can’t judge his ninja skills.

There are two women sitting at a table drinking Starbucks coffee and talking. NEITHER ONE HAS THEIR PHONE OUT. SO PROUD. (Then I realize I have MY phone out…)


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