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My aura is Orange, my gift is Serenity. I should live in Vermont, with a Cat but No Kids. (…don’t tell my kids that…)

I would most happy living in a Cottage, I am the song Every Breath You Take, and if I was a movie I’d be Star Wars. (Which is, in fact, one of my favorite movies.)

My celebrity boyfriend is Ryan Gosling. I guess I should find out who he is.

My secret talent is Staying Calm, and in my past life I was a Famous European Rock Star. If I was a jewel, I would be a Ruby, which is actually my birthstone, so that’s all good.

And now I’m forcing myself to get off quizony.com so that I can google Ryan Gosling.

Okay. Googled. I’ve seen him around the internet, but I’ve never actually seen any of his movies. Although I almost went to see The Place Beyond the Pines once. If I remember right, it was playing in the same theater when we went to see From Up On Poppy Hill. So, yeah, he lost to Studio Ghibli. Sorry, Ryan.

I like this pic of him. He looks like he is either very confused and doesn’t know quite where he is or why he’s there, or he’s checking to see if his hair is still attached to his head.



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