do books on my Kindle count?   2 comments

So I was wandering through my house yesterday, cleaning haphazardly, when a thought occurred to me.

I have far too many books.

“Don’t be silly,” the little angel on my left shoulder said. “You don’t have enough books.”

“No, really, there’s far too many,” the angel on my right shoulder insisted. “You should get rid of some.”

The left angel gasped in horror and nearly fell off. I caught him just in time.

But for some reason I agreed with the right angel. Far too many books, indeed.

But then I realized that TWO of them are borrowed from other people. Once I read them and return them, I will have two less.

Problem solved.

Left angel told right angel that I love him more. I love both my angels equally but differently. And I’m ignoring the fact that I bought another book yesterday.


2 responses to “do books on my Kindle count?

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  1. Apparently I’m on your left shoulder…if you have room for them, you can’t have enough books.

  2. I must agree. Right shoulder angel has been told he can no longer give any opinions, at least not until he’s read all of A Song of Ice and Fire, the Dark Tower books, and The Lord of the Rings. Oh, and Clavell’s Asian saga.

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