Maybe not kill, but maiming is possible…   Leave a comment

So I had this dream.

In my dream I had a pet…thing. It was like a sea lion, maybe. Not sure what it was. I wanted to rehabilitate it, to let it learn how to survive in its natural habitat. I took it to a colony of ‘things’. My ‘thing’ was friendly and loved me dearly. The wild ‘things’ were just as affectionate, but I was terrified of them. I knew they didn’t really love me, they were just trying to get close to my ‘thing’.

I knew also that they had razor sharp teeth they were hiding from me. My ‘thing’s was curled up next to me as we floated in the water, leaning against a rock. The wild ‘things’ began sitting all over me, and my heart was pounding wildly in terror that they would suddenly rip me apart. Two of them crawled over my shoulders and were wrapped around my head.

Then I woke up, and my cat was sitting on my head waiting for me to feed her.

True story, bro.


Posted November 27, 2013 by Fran LaPlaca in daily

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