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I went to the movie theater yesterday and bought a ticket to see Ender’s Game tomorrow at 1 p.m. First showing in our town. Pre-rush, middle of the day, kids still in school. Scheduled to work until noon, no problem.

Car broke down today, at the drive-thru of the local Wendy’s. Long story short, we’re now a one car family with three drivers. Tomorrow at noon I will be walking home. Work isn’t far, the movie theater is. So tonight I took hubby’s car and drove to the theater and refunded my ticket. I’ll still go sometime this weekend, just don’t know when.

So I’m at the theater, talking about my car trouble with the clerk at the ticket booth. She needs to get the manager to approve the refund. He walks out. Now, it’s Hallowe’en, doncha know, and I’m in the lobby of a movie theater.

The manager is Indiana Jones. “Indiana Jones!” I cry. He nods, a little embarrassed. “I tried my best,” he says. “No, no. I recognized you right away!” Then I notice Hermione’s wand on the counter. “Oh, and Hermione!” I cry. “Where is she?” “That’s me,” the clerk says, and now I’m the one a little embarrassed. I had focused so much on my car troubles that I hadn’t realized the girl was a student at Hogwarts.

Suddenly I realize what I’d done, and I do a half-hearted face palm. “Is it bad that I knew it was Hermione’s wand immediately?”

And then I got home and google searched. And it wasn’t Hermione’s wand at all. It was Ron’s.

Double face palm.


Posted October 31, 2013 by Fran LaPlaca in daily

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