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I did that Bing It On thing, or whatever it’s called. Five searches, two sets of results side by side in the same format for each search. You choose which side pleases you more, right or left, with an “I can’t decide between them” option. I searched….hmmm…I forget now. Myself, hiking trails in NW CT, 20th Century Boys, Etsushi Toyokawa, and candle making. Two for Google, two for Bing, one I couldn’t pick a winner.

Candle making was won by Bing. I chose the side with results for candle making sites over the side with ads for stores that sold candle making supplies. The loser here was Google, but Google won when I typed in my own name. *smiley face*

I actually don’t remember now what the other three results were specifically.

Our computer intranet at work uses both IE and Chrome, with Bing as a default search in IE. Yet they switched from IE to Chrome in the past year or so, and now we use Google for store e-mail and other applications (google drive, and spreadsheets, and things like that)

So it was a tie, however, my loyalty remains with Google. Doodles, anyone? JFGI.

Honestly, I miss Jeeves.


Posted June 14, 2013 by Fran LaPlaca in daily

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