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Yesterday we went to see Ironman 3. Finally. I’ve been trying to go see it since the weekend it came out. We decided to go to the 3D version: 1) because I found that the new 3D is not half bad at all. In fact, it’s quite good. And 2) because of the really, really cool 3D glasses they’re giving out.


So when we asked for our glasses, after paying for our tickets, and she handed us the same, plain, black 3D glasses they have for every show, I was almost close to angry. And then the woman said she didn’t know what we were talking about. Well, whatever.

The movie was excellent, the story went places I didn’t expect, not having, thankfully, heard or seen any spoilers. Ben Kingsley was a quiet delight, very much enjoyed his character, I must say.

This week I hope to see Star Trek. No cool glasses expected, but I still wish I had the Ironman ones!


Posted May 20, 2013 by Fran LaPlaca in daily, movies

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