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A followup to my last post. I did indeed drive over both those bridges. Twice. Once coming, once going. In addition, there was another bridge, though I don’t recall the name of it. The Newport Bridge went up over 200 feet. I know, because my GPS has a nifty little “feet about sea level” reading, and I watched it. Well, I watched it while watching the road.

Going there last Friday, it was cold and rainy. And as we neared the ocean, that meant FOG. Not fog, mind you, but FOG. You’d think that would make it scarier, but actually it didn’t. Which leads me to believe my fears are more of height than of the thought of driving over NOTHING BUT AIR WITH A DROP INTO FREEZING COLD WATER BENEATH YOU. Or you know, not.



My son rode shotgun, and he took most of the bridge photos. Since it was foggy, we were moving at about 40 miles an hour, and we were pretty damn HIGH IN THE AIR, there’s not much to see.

This is how foggy it was:

Verrazanno Bridge

We had a good time. Toured the Blithewold Mansion. It’s more than a mansion, it’s an Arboretum just north of Newport, in Bristol, Rhode Island. The mansion itself was nice, as old mansions go. I was much more impressed by the grounds, which were magnificent. I took far too many pictures. I’ll put some up in a separate post later. In a side note, I found out my new iPod’s camera has a panorama option, and I was able to play with that. I did get one really nice shot out of that.

And when we went to dinner that night, I ran into …. The Most Interesting Man In The World …. and had my daughter take my picture with him. It’s a tiny size because I don’t like pictures of myself too much, and bear in mind that we’d just come back from a very windy, foggy, all-around MOIST walk and I looked like hell.


Well, yes, okay, it was just a cardboard cutout. But still Interesting.


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