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So. The kids are off from school this week. We decided to drive to Newport, Rhode Island today, spend the night, then come back tomorrow. Just the three of us, since my husband couldn’t take time off from work.

So. Last night googled the address of the hotel we wanted to stay at. A small Google map shows up on the side pinpointing the location. So. Zoomed out a little to get a better perspective, and something caught my eye.


See those two red arrows? The one on the left is called the Jamestown Bridge. The one on the right is the Newport Bridge.

Now let me say right here that driving across bridges petrifies me so badly you’d laugh. I can do them, and have, and one day dream of driving along Route 1 in the Florida Keys, hopefully without my heart stopping even once. BUT.

The Jamestown Bridge is a mile and a half long. The Newport Bridge is over two miles.

Will let you know if we survive.


(the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge – could they make it just a little more terrifying?)


Posted April 19, 2013 by Fran LaPlaca in daily, day trips, travel

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