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The last time I saw a 3D movie had to be…hmm…Spy Kids 3D.

Which was not the best movie even without the 3D, (far too little Antonio Banderas) and only honed my dislike for 3D. I vaguely remember taking off my 3D glasses in the theater and watching parts of it all blurry and red and blue, just because. It seemed to me that with or without the 3D glasses, I still couldn’t see the movie. Not really.


I never could SEE what you were supposed to SEE. It was just blurry crap. I saw a couple of slightly better quality 3D movies in Disney World. The bug one, and the Muppet one. Better, but still, what’s the big deal?

Now 3D films have been coming out left and right for several years, all ‘new and improved’. And since they were more expensive, and since I knew I hated 3D, I was not about to waste my money going to see them.

Then Steven Spielberg remastered Jurassic Park in ‘real 3D’ or whatever it’s called. So I thought, well, it’s one of my favorite movies. I already know how good it is, and what it looks like. Why not go on Cheap Tuesday and finally see what the big fuss is all about?

So I did.

Now when they make a movie specifically meant for 3D viewing, it makes a difference. Scenes and shots are filmed and staged and set up with that in mind. Jurassic Park was not. And online reviews that I’ve seen have said that the 3D in this re-outing is good, but not the best.

That said….I love this new 3D. It was worth giving it a shot. I can’t really comment on the quality, since this is the first one I’ve ever seen, but compared to the last one I saw, I found it pretty impressive. I can’t wait now to see a movie made for 3D. Star Trek: Into Darkness maybe? The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? Ironman 3? 47 Ronin?

I’m actually a little bit excited. Don’t let me down!



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