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April is fast approaching, and yet snow keeps falling. I know that’s no big thing for people in other areas, but for Connecticut? I do not recall ever saying this before, but I can’t wait for summer to get here.

Have been to see Zero Dark Thirty in the past few weeks, and a few days ago saw Oz The Great and Powerful. Enjoyed both of them in different ways.

But mostly what I was doing for the past few weeks, and one of the reasons I didn’t post much in those days, was because I was serving on a jury for a criminal trial.

My first time, and it was – hmmmm. Interesting. A bit frightening at times. (the crime was somewhat violent) Boring in short stretches. Painful. (the day I nearly fell out of the jury booth) It was really interesting to see the mix of people in the six-person jury. A middle-aged woman and a young woman who both, in turned out, held the same position in the same type of company, competitors who worked literally across the street from each other. A Buddhist teacher. A company owner/foreman.

It was an experience. I’m glad I agreed to do it. The judge came in to thank us for our service at the end of the trial, and he asked us if we’d do it again. All six of us said yes.

Getting a jury duty summons in the mail make most people cringe. But you know what? Go do it. I can almost guarantee you won’t regret it.


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