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I have been working diligently on Keeper of Fire, which will be Book Two of The Keepers of the Way. (You should totally read the first one, Blade of Lightning…jus’ saying…) Working hard. And it was getting more and more difficult to write, though I was so close to the end, and had everything plotted out.

So I sat back and looked at it, wondering why it was suddenly no longer something that I looked forward to doing. Only to see that it had exploded. It was no longer the story I wanted, but had blown up all out of proportion to what it should have been. It was huge, sprawling, and out of control. Which works for some books (Game of Thrones, anyone?) but definitely did not work for this.

I spent two days rewriting the plot, making a list of Scenes I Don’t Want To Lose, and Stuff I Should Never Have Put In, and How Can I Change That And Make It Work. So now I have what I hope is the right direction, which includes much re-writing, but the base is still solid. So I’m still thinking a release by the end of the year is possible.

Which is good, because it gives you time to read the first one! In case there aren’t enough links for it on this site anywhere, here’s another:


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