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We have a dog. Well, truthfully, my husband has a dog. Maddie is his, heart and soul. She is always one step behind, no matter if he is headed for the bathroom, mowing the lawn on his ride-on mower (great fun to watch her pace behind as he mows) or getting the mail.

I am not a dog person. I like dogs, but it goes no farther than that. I am a cat person. Sadly, my cat Sophie decided I was not her human. She loves me indiscriminately when her food bowl is empty, or her litter box needs attention. Otherwise, though, she pays little to no attention to me. I brought her home from the shelter, my daughter chose her from dozens of happy, purring cats, I picked out her name, and she chose….my son. If his lap is available, that’s where she will be found. He’s playing Call of Duty? She’s on his lap. Watching reruns of Stargate? Doing homework? On his lap.

If my husband and son are not home, Sophie will crawl in my lap and purr…if her food dish is empty. Once I feed her, she disappears again. Maddie will sit and stare at me, bark occasionally for no apparent reason, and eat the cat’s food once I do feed her. When I show no indication of getting out the riding mower, she sighs and lays down on her bed and waits for me to feed the cat again.

I thought about getting a fish, but I figure it will fall in love with my daughter. I don’t think I could stand the rejection.


Posted April 1, 2012 by Fran LaPlaca in daily

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