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I’ve finally gotten past the block on my writing. Spent the past three days working on the second Keepers of the Way book, the sequel to Blade of Lightning. If all goes well, the first draft should be finished by March.

It might have been easier had I a private space to work, but instead I have to write at the kitchen table, with the TV on behind me, and everyone…well, LIVING around me. LIVING is all well and good, but would that it were a bit quieter at times.

My work-around? I put my earbuds in and listen to Japanese rock music. I love the music but since I can’t understand the lyrics other than a word or two here and there, I don’t get lost in the song. I don’t need to ‘listen’ to it, or sing along. It blocks all that annoying LIVING that’s going on, and yet flows past my brain mindlessly, so I can concentrate on crossing the desert.

And now, here’s a duck.


Posted February 26, 2012 by Fran LaPlaca in Uncategorized

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